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Commercial Mortgage

Whether you are looking for a start up commercial loan or additional funds to keep the business in good operating form, commercial mortgages are available for a wide variety of enterprises. With a commercial business, you put your business up as collateral to secure the loan, but that strategy protects your personal assets. Plus, a secured loan is one of the easiest types of loans to receive approval for in this economic market.

Basically, any kind of business enterprise can qualify for this type of specialized loan. In fact, commercial mortgages are offered by a variety of lenders who specialize in this specific category of loans. Most lenders offer flexible terms and rates to their borrowers of business funding. Plus, you can apply for no financial documentation loans and commercial loans featuring $100,000 to $1 million in borrowed funds.

Completing an online application only takes a short amount of time and only requires a small selection of personal and business data. This process is also secure and confidential so your data remains protected. No fee is charged to complete the application either.

Whatever your financing needs, a commercial loan is available to meet them. Why bother waiting for the perfect opportunity to appear? Make it happen today by completing a secure application right away. The results generated by your application will come back within minutes or hours at the most. You'll not only have your answer for your financial needs, but also, most likely you will also have choices.

Your application will be reviewed immediately and an effort is made to match you and your business needs to the lender best suited to meet your funding requests. It is possible to receive more than one offer of a commercial loan or to receive the exact amount of money that you asked for in your application.

While any type of credit history can qualify for a commercial loan, good credit is bound to get the best rates. Even so, reasonable interest rates on commercial loans are available for no credit and bad credit as well.

Typical terms range from 5 to 30 years. Interest rates are typically higher than residential mortgages, yet our competitive rates are lower than most traditional commercial lenders, saving you a bundle.

Commercial mortgages are offered to the small business owner or real estate investor who needs additional funds and has a business to put up for collateral. Any type of business can qualify for a specialized loan- a variety of terms and interest rates are available. Pre-approvals are free, quick, and easy with our online application. - even bad credit. Apply today for a construction loan, bridge loan, or permanent loan and receive a quote from a financing expert within days. Specialized loans for small business owners and real estate investors are available for those just starting out or looking to expand in a variety of businesses. Apply today for free pre-approval within forty-eight hours. All credit welcome.