Personal Loans - up to $15,000 - Unsecured & Secured

Bad Credit Personal Lending

Bad debts lead to bad credit and bad credit leads to more bad debt, right? Wrong. Years ago, people with bad credit couldn't get a loan of any type unless they went to a loan shark. That is far from what's out there today with lending services ready, willing, and able to provide loans to people with all types   Read More...

of bad credit- poor, bad, and absolutely terrible.

Plus, it doesn't matter what type of bad credit you have, you can still get all kinds of personal loans from unsecured to secured ones. In most cases, you also get to select the term or number of years that you want to hold the loan. Plus, it doesn't matter whether you have your own home or not, because there's a loan waiting for you.

Unsecured Bad Credit Personal Loans

It isn't important that you don't have a home to offer as collateral or that you only have bad credit to your name. Once you complete your application, these lenders will find some redeeming quality that leads to a realistic and affordable loan option for you. With unsecured bad credit personal loans, home ownership is not required, making it easy for people from all walks of life and with all types of credit to get a loan.

Applying online is easy and quick, often taking less than ten minutes to complete. Plus, there's no pressure to accept the loan proposal with someone watching over your shoulder as you read the documents. This loan quote is free and often arrives within minutes or at the most a few hours, answering your needs almost immediately.

Secured Bad Credit Personal Loans

For homeowners with bad credit, personal loans are also available in a wide variety. With varying terms or interest rates, bad credit homeowners will have several choices in reply to their online application. Tap into your years of paying on that monthly mortgage and get a secured bad credit personal loan using your home's equity. You might have bad credit, but you also have home ownership. Take advantage of that fact and score one of the better offers around when it comes to bad credit personal loans. The terms and interest rates are affordable. Why bother waiting when you can apply today and start spending tomorrow? No obligation quotes, no fees, no hassles, and an easy, quick, and secure application and pre-approval process. What more could you need?